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“TOP SELLER”Flavors of Hawaii” Pillar Candles

$ 15.00 USD

If you have ever been to an Island Soap and Candleworks store, then this candle will give you our signature store scent that says Aloha. We reuse fragrance leftovers and combine various scented wax chunks with a bright and citrus lemongrass scent.

Approximate Burn Times:

2x3 pillar - 25 hours

3x3 pillar - 32 hours

3x6 pillar - 64 hours

Our candles are a blend of paraffin and beeswax. Please keep the wick trimmed at 1/4 inch to prevent smoking and allow the candle memory to reset after every 2 hours (blow out the candle and let the wax solidify again) to prolong candle life.